The latest round of refund checks have been issued and refunds have been found to be smaller compared to 2018. The IRS began accepting returns on January 28 and they’ve managed to process 26.9 million individual income tax returns. As of February 8, the average refund issued was $1,949 down 8.7 percent from $2,135 in […]

A White House official said on Monday that federal income tax refunds would go out, even though a large part of the government and only 12 percent of IRS staff are expected to continue working though the shutdown. Acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget Russell T. Vought told reporters, “Tax […]

Tom:  Good morning, Mellody! You are joining us this morning with some reminders for our taxes.  Mellody: I am, Tom. I know it is not always…

  H&R Block representative Riley Holmes talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the upcoming the tax season and what to expect from the…

It’s the easiest part about doing your taxes, but it is one of the most common mistakes people make.  Read about all of the mistakes that could slow down your refund.  CNNMoney has the complete story.   Read more:  


Every year we all get advice on how to deal with tax returns. Figuring it all out can get a bit crazy. Even worse is when we receive the refund and realize it’s all gone before we had it. Here is how to be smarter. Tax time: That interestingly peculiar time of year when ordinarily […]