According to Eurodata TV Worldwide, the average person, regardless of nationality, spend an average of three hours per day watching television. However, the report did show that Americans and Canadians spent four hours and three minutes in front of the TV per day on average. Europeans followed up with three hours forty-nine minutes per day […]

What’s in that water you’re diving into.  Before you take that next swim you may want to check this out.  Click here for MORE. 

D-Nice tells his story from the great Boogie Down Productions crew and how rejection of a musical beat led him to stardom. Then leaving the Music industry and later touring the world opening for Stevie Wonder and DJing for The President. Check out his story from Click here for MORE.

Are you a vegetarian?  Well, according the Daily Mail, Vegetarians may tout the benefits of their meat-free diets, but new research finds they’re actually “less healthy” than people who eat meat. Researchers from Austria say they found vegetarians visit their doctors more than meat eaters and are more prone to allergies, cancer and mental health […]

According to, Teens are so over Facebook, according to a new survey. The survey covered teens’ retail behavior and asked about their favorite social networks. Facebook and Instagram each got 23-percent of respondents to call them their favorite, while Twitter got 26-percent. One researcher noted, “The data point is likely unsurprising as the trend […]