Tiffany Loftin

  10/6/16- Roland Martin talks to the former President of the United States Student Associate Tiffany Loftin about the urge and importance of getting millennials to vote. “We need more than a commitment from the candidates that when they take office they’re going to prioritize for young black leadership. After the first 100 days happens, […]

In the aftermath of the Dallas police shooting, certain conservative voices and media outlets would have you believe the greatest threats to the nation’s law enforcement are Black men. Unfortunately for those spouting this rhetoric, the facts do not support the narrative. In a recent article in The New York Daily News, Shaun King explains “71% of police who’ve been […]

This past Friday, the world paid homage to the late, great former heavyweight champion of the world, Muhammad Ali. Although he didn’t speak at Ali’s memorial service, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan talked about what Muhammad meant to him and the Nation of Islam in Chicago.   Min. Farrakhan explained the reason he loves Muhammad so […]

The 2016 presidential campaign is about to kick into high gear. Thursday night in Cleveland, Ohio, Fox News will air the first Republican presidential candidate…