At participating Wendy’s locations today you can score free chicken tenders. Yes, that’s right — FREE. What do you have to do? Simply utter the phrase “winner, winner, chicken tender” at the register and boom, you have two tenders to add to your Friday mood. It’s a one day deal so get your chicken […]

A Black Florida Highway Patrol trooper says he was relieved that his children weren't there with him at the fast food eatery.

An Orlando Wendy's employee is without a job after writing the offensive racial slur on a receipt, which caught the eye of an African-American state trooper eating at the restaurant Tuesday night.


Customers of more than 1,000 Wendy’s franchise-owned restaurants may have had their credit or debit card data stolen by cyber-thieves, the company said yesterday.  It’s much worse than the company had thought.  They also said this has been going on as long ago as last fall. Customers can check the Wendy’s site to see if a restaurant […]

12/05/13- Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about Mike Tomlin, Jason Kidd a.k.a. “Glow Worm”, and the Wendy’s worker who left a marijuana blunt in…


TMZ is reporting a Wendy’s employee named Amy Seiber has been arrested and fined after she served a customer a cheeseburger that had a half-smoked…