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VIA Eurweb:

Via Eurweb:

As previously reported, Prince is releasing his new album “20Ten” this month – but only in certain European countries as a free newspaper insert along with exclusive interviews.

He gave an interview with British outlet The Mirror earlier this week, which can be read here.

Below is a rough translation of his latest interview with Paris newspaper Le Parisien as part of today’s release of his album in France. Or read the article en Francais ici.

You’re back in Europe and soon in France. It’s always a pleasure for you?

PRINCE. Yes I love playing here, I gave two concerts this summer, but I will return in September. I even intend to sing in all the rooms of Paris.

The Parisians were surprised to see you last Thursday alongside Stevie Wonder in Bercy (the business quarter in Paris). [Watch clips from this July 1 performance below.]

When Stevie is live somewhere and he knows I’m not far away, he always calls me up to invite me along. Then I come and I take my guitar … just in case. It was nice to be back in Bercy where I gave a lot of concerts in the 1980s. I will return soon with a real blockbuster. Anyway, I want to live in France.


Yes. Paisley Park, my center in Minneapolis, I use for my business but I really want to stay here.

Your new album will soon be distributed through newspapers in Europe as you did three years ago. Why this approach?

Because no record company is capable of reaching three million people instantly, as was the case in England when I did it.

The record industry is dead for you?

No, it is probably important for young artists who need resources. Me, everybody knows me, the most important thing is to show my new songs by touching the most.

What will he in this new album?

It will be called “20Ten” or 2010, because it will be like my diary of the year. I write a lot right now, I’m in a very creative phase.

Below, Prince joins Stevie Wonder and Sheila E for a performance of “Superstition” in Bercy.

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