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During a round table discussion on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume expressed concern about how Tiger Woods could recover as a human being from his adulterous activity and subsequent exposure. The Fox Newsman encouraged the golfer to “turn to the Christian faith,” to find the forgiveness and the redemption he needs in order to recover from the tragedy of losing his family and his reputation.

I am certain that many will criticize Hume for his bold statement. His concern for the man behind the legend, however, appears genuine. In my opinion, his comments were made within the appropriate context – the discussion had clearly turned to Tiger Woods, who like Hume is a public figure. Moreover, Hume’s comments were humbly offered. Again – they were offered – which means that they can be rejected. Let’s not pretend that everyone and their mother has not offered unsolicited advice to Tiger. Hume has just as much right to do the same. In fact, I would go as far to say that he is duty-bound.

When you recognize that a fellow human being is in trouble, it is right to offer them your best solution. If your best solution is your faith, then that is what you offer. If, however, you refuse to offer it out of fear of what others may think, that doesn’t make you politically correct, that just makes you a hypocrite.

Would that more of us would be more concerned with the souls of the people in our lives, and loving them through their tragedies, as opposed to protecting our own image. In today’s culture, Hume made a risky move. I applaud his courage.

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