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Here are some eye exercises.  Ever thought about Yoga for the eyes?  The eyes are the windows to your soul.  The eyes provide the sense of sight.  The eyes need to be stretched for your sensual healing.  Most of us do not exercise our eye muscles at all, but yet, we work them all the time, causing them to be under constant strain. The only time the eyes rest for more than a split second, is when we are asleep.  Yoga offers a host of corrective measures for defective eyesight and reflections of your soul desires to your beloved.

Here are a few yogic eye exercises to strengthen eyes and connect with your beloved.   They are easy to do, hatha yoga poses for beginners and most of them can be performed any time of the day, wherever you are. Here is your free online yoga class.   Join certified Yoga instructor Robin Downes as she takes you on a Yoga Flava TV : Sensual Healing Journey For Your Eyes entitled “Sight & Surrender”.

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