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Tiger Woods did not shine like he has in the past at the greatest golf event of the year, the Masters Tournament. Tiger has been humbled once again. Even though we may not have been huge golf fans, we have rallied around the triumphs and trials of this ethnically mixed black man.

Does Tiger’s Public Contrition Forgive His Sins?

For those of you that are golf fans, could the way he is technically approaching the game have something to do with his slump.  In a recent article from The Atlantic, they explore how the could be a real reason for the slump.

Masters 2011: The Real Reason Tiger Woods Is Slumping

As Tiger Woods competes in this year’s Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA—the highest-profile golf event of the season—and makes a run at breaking Jack Nicklaus’s 18 major tournament wins, his professional downfall is ever-glaring. The world’s highest-paid athlete and formerly first-ranked golfer is currently seeded seventh by the PGA and finished tied in 19th place after the first round at the Masters. He surged up to third place in the second round, but ESPN wondered “whether the two youngsters ahead of him really cared.”

Much ado is being made about the fact that Woods has not won a major since 2008—particularly as he continues to brush up against Nicklaus’s record—and everything from his torn ACL three years ago to (and especially) distractions following the media circus surrounding his extra-marital affairs and divorce are blamed for the drought. But hookers and TMZ aside, Time has a simpler theory for why Woods’s game has been stuck in the sandtrap. He’s holding that club too darned tight. (Read the entire article from The Atlantic here)

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