Tiger Woods did not shine like he has in the past at the greatest golf event of the year, the Masters Tournament. Tiger has been humbled once again. Even though we may not have been huge golf fans, we have rallied around the triumphs and trials of this ethnically mixed black man. Does Tiger’s Public […]


Several of Bob Marley‘s master recordings and personal belongings were destroyed in a fire in Aburi, Ghana. The tapes were being stored at Studio One, the solar-powered studio founded by Marley’s wife, Rita. It was set to open just one month after the blaze. Rita will rebuild the complex and revealed that there was priceless […]

(CNN) — Golfer Tiger Woods says he’s back in the swing of things. Embroiled in a scandal over extramarital affairs, Woods posted an upbeat blog item on his website about his return to golfing, his happiness over fan support and his commitment to play in more tournaments. Although he didn’t make reference to his wife, […]

// // VIA CNN: In his first news conference since scandal broke, Tiger Woods said Monday that the six weeks he spent in rehab after admitting to infidelity changed him. “I was in there for 45 days, and it was to take a hard look at myself — and I did,” he told reporters at […]

From CNN: Augusta, Georgia — Tiger Woods returns to golf Monday at the Masters, ending a self-imposed exile stemming from a November car accident outside his home and his subsequent admission of extramarital affairs amid a media frenzy. Woods is set to participate in a news conference — his first since the scandal broke — […]

(CNN) — Four months after an auto accident and reports of extramarital affairs put his golf career on hold, Tiger Woods announced Tuesday that he plans to return to the sport at the Masters Tournament in April. Woods dropped out of professional competition in December after a Thanksgiving weekend wreck outside his Florida home turned […]