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Fox 5 Atlanta has discovered that there was a fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case.

Centino Kemp never filed a lawsuit and his name was never made public during the case, but apparently Kemp was involved in the recent settlement negotiations with Long and the other accusers.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Kemp is currently recording songs written from the perspective of an angry lover and has Eddie Long’s name tattooed on his wrist with the words: “Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson.”

Sources told Fox 5 Atlanta that Kemp is 22 years old and was raised in the Bahamas and met Eddie Long years ago during a visit to New Birth while he was a teenage student in a Florida college.

Watch Fox 5 Atlanta’s report below and let us know what you think!

Bishop Eddie Long Had Fifth Accuser in Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit: