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*Jennifer Hudson didn’t stop her weight-loss journey. The singer is now down to a size zero! Yes, believe it or not, the formally full figured woman was either obsessed with her weight or just never stopped losing.

She became the celebrity spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and is inspiring women all over to do what she did.

Although questionable, the singer’s appearance has never been a personal issue, she claims. Hudson explained that it was all a matter of a health change and a more appealing look.

Now that she’s slim n’ trim, the singer doesn’t know what to do with her  look! She can fit just about anything and now she can’t decide what to wear.

As far as her fiancée, he is not too excited about the new look.

“He fusses at me like, ‘Why do you have to get all dressed up to go out? Why can’t you just go out like you used to?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m a walking billboard now honey!’”

Joy Behar from “The View” spilled the beans about the star when she ran into her while shopping. The talk show host heard the salesperson tell Hudson she was a size zero.

When asked how it feels, she said, “I feel like they’re talking to someone else.”

Going from thick to (like a) stick is no easy task to maintain. She also shared that it’s work being skinny. In fact, she feels obligated and responsible to the world to continue looking trim.

“Being skinny, it’s a job. It’s not easy. I feel this responsibility to the world now – people are watching, so I have to keep going in the right direction in terms of my weight loss.”