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Last night’s episode of “The T.O Show” was so emotional! T.O heads to Atlanta to deal with his financial issues. As we mentioned earlier, he’s been trying to cope with the fact that one of his “friends” stole a pretty large sum of money from him and T.O is now selling his Atlanta mansion to get some money. If that’s not enough, he’s also donating many of his possessions to Habitat For Humanity for the victims of the tornado that hit Alabama this past spring. T.O meets with someone who’s home was destroyed in the tornado and he explains to her that her situation has made him reevaluate his own situation. He realizes that he is the one who provides for his whole family is worried trying to figure out how he will continue to do that with his knee injury and now his financial situation.

After Atlanta, T.O heads over to Alabama for cousin Tony’s wedding. T.O reveals for the first time his knee situation to his cousin Tony and the two have a long talk about T.O financial situation and the burdens he carries for his family.

T.O gets misty eyed at Tony’s wedding because he realizes that he doesn’t have a love of his own (awww) and also realizes that it’s time to talk to his mother about everything that is going on. He finally finds the right time to sit down and talk to her, and the tears start flowing again when he explains everything to his mother. His mom sums up her response in one sentence, We’re gonna be all right, we got too much love for each other. Just keep believin’”. Alright na, mama T.O!

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