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When we last left our favorite reality stars, Draya and Jackie were at Laura’s charity event and Jackie was just explaining to Draya how she had been hearing that Laura was talking negatively about her behind her back (whew, that was a mouthful). Just as Jackie was dogging Laura out, talking about her weight and how she looks, Laura so conveniently walks through the door and Jackie- who’s blood was boiling moments before- gathered up enough strength to give Laura a fake wave and smile.

Even though the right thing for Jackie to do would be to take Laura aside and talk to her one on one about the stories she’s heard, Jackie decides against that and figures she’ll make everyone else uncomfortable and talk about Laura at her own  charity event (because it’s the Basketball Wives’ way of life).  

Laura takes off and heads to Orlando to go house hunting because she wants to have a home that is close to her ex/boyfriend/fiancee/baby’s daddy, so we’re just left with Jackie’s word that Laura was talking about her, making her the new target.

Jackie and Draya are now (oddly enough) besties and seem to be inseparable on this week’s episode. They go fabric shopping because Draya is starting her own bikini line and looks to Jackie for mentorship and advice since she is a fashion designer herself.

We also finally get a chance to see  Draya’s mom and her son, Kniko, when the three of them head to the beach to spend quality time. Although Draya’s swimsuit choice for this family outing was rather…interesting…  it was nice to see her in mother mode, and express how she can’t wait until the day she can move her mother and son out to live with her.

Jackie and Malaysia  go shopping together, and Jackie decides that since she’s being talked about she is going to let everybody know who said what about them behind their backs (oh yeah because that’s mature). Jackie goes on to tell Malaysia that a lot of the girls say that she is too “preachy” and Malysia responds by simply saying “Well they can go to hell”.

If that wasn’t enough for Jackie, she later meets up with Draya again to tell her that the girls are talking about her behind her back… (but wait, we knew that already I thought…). Draya, once again trying to stay out of the drama says, “I don’t really know what she’s talking about”. Good, because I don’t either.

She went on to say, “She’s trying to make it seem like everybody has drama with me, but I don’t think the drama’s with me. She’s got the drama.”

Well said Draya, well said.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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