“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Returns “When all else fails, you can always count on your guilty pleasure.” With the “Love & Hip Hop’s” popularity…

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas won’t be facing jail time following his 2013 arrest for illegal fireworks. Arenas’ run in with the law took place on June 2013,…

Matt Barnes has seen the error of his ways for his recent comments surrounding his estranged wife, Gloria Govan. The Los Angeles Clippers forward came…


This season of “Basketball Wives LA” has been filled with over the top drama! From the first fight with Laura and Malaysia to the current drama with Draya, it’s hard to keep up with who likes who and who’s talking about who. After talking with Draya recently, I knew that I had to find out […]


Last night was another drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives LA” but surprisingly, this episode didn’t center around Draya but instead, Laura! First, at Malaysia’s jewelry party we see Jackie continually spreading the word that Laura was talking about her and Imani in a negative way. (By the way, I recently had the chance to […]


When we last left our favorite reality stars, Draya and Jackie were at Laura’s charity event and Jackie was just explaining to Draya how she had been hearing that Laura was talking negatively about her behind her back (whew, that was a mouthful). Just as Jackie was dogging Laura out, talking about her weight and […]


Is it just me, or is this season of “Basketball Wives LA” turning into the “Draya Show”? Last night’s episode was centered around none other than Draya as the other wives decided to meet up YET AGAIN to discuss their feelings about their fellow cast member. During their meeting, Jackie makes it clear that she […]

Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA tweeted a photo of her lover Gilbert Arenas wearing what seems to be a woman’s “officer” costume with the message “OMFG, so when I pull up he’s singing,”Mrs. Officer, Mrs Officer!” On Wednesday she tweeted a photo of him dressed as a pimp at the airport. This must be […]

On last night’s episode of “Everybody Hates Draya”, “Basketball Wives LA”, we’re shown Jackie’s wedding “after party” where the girls are throwing back shots, letting their hair down and of course, Draya-bashing (because no Basketball Wives outing would be complete without it). When Draya is brought up in the conversation, Jackie gets annoyed and says […]

“Basketball Wives LA” star Laura Govan and her boyfriend Gilbert Arenas of the Orlando Magic are back together, having kids and showing off their love for the world to see despite that pesky rumor that she’s the reason Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie divorced. Laura hit up “The Autumn Joi Live Show with Famous Dave” on […]

For those of you that tuned in to last night’s premiere episode of “Basketball Wives LA”, you noticed that it started off with DRAMA! It seems as though Gloria is taking over the role of “Shaunie” in this season by getting the girls together, inviting them out for drinks and then mysteriously disappearing when the […]

As if we really need another version of “Basketball Wives” right? Laura Govan, sister to Gloria Govan, ex-girlfriend of baller Gilbert Arenas and Shaq’s alleged mistress, sat down with the The Washington Post and opened up about the new reality show, “Basketball Wives LA”. If you haven’t already heard, this new series will feature basketball […]