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10-mistakes-women-make-in-bedVia our sister site ZHipHopCleveland.com:

Think you’re the best thing ever in bed? Maybe! Or maybe not. Not every thing a woman does is an instant turn on for a man. You could be making classic mistakes you don’t even realize. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered, girls. Here are 10 totally avoidable mistakes women often make in bed. Study up!

#10 FRESHEN UP: You don’t have to be fresh out the shower to hop in the sack with your lover, but you do need to freshen up first. This includes your breath. (No one’s a fan of garlic or onion breath.)

#9 DON’T BE A PARTY POOPER: Calling a timeout for no good reason is never a good idea unless you’re okay with being the ultimate mood killer.

#8 CAN THE LESSON PLAN: To the left…no right..down there…wait, up here. Sound familiar? If this sounds like your usual routine, it’s time to change it up. Men want to know what you want but they’re looking for love not a lesson plan. Beware of being too controlling.

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