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Last night was another drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives LA” but surprisingly, this episode didn’t center around Draya but instead, Laura!

First, at Malaysia’s jewelry party we see Jackie continually spreading the word that Laura was talking about her and Imani in a negative way. (By the way, I recently had the chance to chat with Laura and she- like all of us- has NO IDEA what Jackie is talking about… SMH)

They rally together and decide to fill Gloria (Laura’s sister) in on what they were talking about and how Laura is now the target of the girls’ wrath- because it wouldn’t be a charity function without some drama!

Then it’s time for Gloria and Matt’s Athletes Vs Cancer Golf Tournament where instead of focusing on the cause at hand which is fighting cancer, they’re still focused on not liking Laura. Jackie and Draya are officially BFF’s (which is a little strange) and they even walk the red carpet together where people mistake them for mother and daughter instead of besties *sideeye*

Draya, Jackie and Imani all hang together during the event until Laura shows up and gives everyone a fake, dry hug. It turns even faker later on at the event when Jackie confronts Laura and tells her about their “beef” and how she was upset that Laura was making fun of her “pregnant looking stomach” (no comment). Jackie then asks Laura what she thinks about Draya when Draya is standing maybe three feet away from them. Laura responds saying that she doesn’t care too much for Draya AFTER giving her a beautiful hug when she first arrived (anyone else confused?).

After the event, it looks as if Jackie and Laura have made up, but probably not for long. Draya comments, ” Don’t trust her as far as you can throw her. And she’s a heavy girl, so you’re not gonna throw her very far.”

Now it’s time for the post-golf event where Imani, Draya and Jackie are now walking the carpet together (because I guess they’ve recruited Imani as their third best-friend). There is still tension in the air with Laura and the rest of the girls (see, I told you it wouldn’t last very long) so the girls spend the night trying to avoid bumping into Laura and then sneak out the backdoor when Gloria is giving a speech without saying goodbye, because it wouldn’t be a charity event without some drama!

Later, all the girls get together and hang out by the pool where Gloria points out the fact that she was a little angry that the girls left the event without saying goodbye. She doesn’t stay mad for long though, because five seconds later she plans a vacation for all the girls to go to Hawaii (because it makes perfect sense for all the girls who secretly hate each other to spend a weekend getaway on an island!).

I’m actually nervous to see what will happen when you put all these girls together in Hawaii! Can’t wait until next week to find out!

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