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Since President Barack Obama was elected, the first family’s every move has been scrutinized by the media.

Now, NBC is developing a new television sitcom inspired by the Obamas, which focuses on a dysfunctional first family and their life in the White House.

America witnessed a historical moment when Barack Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the United States. Today, we closely follow his every political move, while we marvel at the first lady’s keen fashion sense and her Let’s Move campaign that target childhood obesity.

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The sitcom, titled 1600 Penn, is a comedic spin written by Josh Gad and Jon Lovett, two former speechwriters to Obama.

“NBC is currently in a “put pilot commitment” in which the network will be forced to pay penalties if the show does not debut.”

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Did this article read dysfunctional?  Is this another stab at the president. . . Is this some slight racism going on . . . Where was the dysfunctional President Bush & Family Sitcom. . . Hmmm  . . . I’m just saying. . .  You let me know what you think about this?