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Now that spring is upon us, I have been trying to schedule more time for the gym. The winter months get so clogged up with the holidays that I always find it hard to find the time, but Lord knows I need to.

Just this week, I finally made it back. Of course, everyone says “Where have you been?” My response is “busy!” I have to admit that once I did make it back and started to work out again, it felt great! I forget how much going to the gym is such a stress reliever. You can literally just block out everything and concentrate on you.

I think what I did wrong the first time was that I started going to the gym, but I didn’t actually put it into my schedule. I just somehow found my way there and then eventually I just stopped going.

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This is not going to work, especially when you have kids. Too much is going on every day that if you don’t schedule time to go you’re just not going to make it there. This time around,  I signed up two days a week at 12 pm to take a spin class for one hour. My gym has a daycare, so I just drop my daughter there and head to class. I get one solid hour of hard work out time. I recommend all moms find a gym with a daycare!

When I’m done, I pick up my daughter and leave. It’s easy and simple! No surprises and no thinking about what I am going to do when I get to the gym. So, my goal is to schedule my classes on my calendar, attend regularly and by summertime I should be right and tight! Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

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