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Today join more than 300 communities and neighborhoods across the country to celebrate marriage in the Black community.  Choose something that you and your spouse can and community can do.There are many things you can do today and while we prepare.

These ideas and suggestions come from the Smart Marriages Website.  These are just the beginning of what you can do.  Be as creative as you like and tailor the program to your community.

Ask judges and divorce lawyers to declare a moratorium on divorce – NO Divorces filed or granted during the week leading up to Black Marriage Day.  Ask them to “schedule vacation” that week if that’s what it takes.  Get this to the media!

Celebrate your own marriage. Teach by example! If you’re not married, offer to babysit so someone else can go celebrate.

Strengthen your own marriage.  Read a book, attend a course.   See for books and classes.

Create a “Ten Most Affordable (or best, or most romantic, or most creative) Marriage Dates” list/contest for your community. Get these to the media – radio, TV, newspapers, community newsletters. Ask radio stations to promote a contest  – keep the focus on Marriage – not just any old date, but ideas for the best, most creative, or most affordable Marriage Date.

Honor members of your extended family or community whose marriages have had an impact on your life. Write a note of appreciation for marriages that have inspired you.  Or, throw a surprise party.

Hold a “How this marriage has had an impact on my life” or a “Why I think this is a great Marriage” essay contest for children in the community (lessons learned, examples set, why they want a marriage like this when they grow up, etc.)  Award prizes, get the media involved.  Marriages described could be those of their parents, relatives, ancestors or one of local, state or national significance.

Send a marriage-strengthening book or give a gift certificate for a class to newlyweds, new parents, or anyone whose marriage could use a boost.

Organize a Community Marriage Policy and get it signed during the week leading up to Black Marriage Day.  See to get started.

Encourage civic, community and religious leaders to acknowledge Black Marriage Day with an endorsement, announcement or declaration and activities.

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