A Mississippi man became well known in his hometown for his open display of love for his late wife, and has erected a loving memorial in her honor. Charles “LaLa” Evans and his wife Louise enjoyed nearly 59 years of marriage before her passing in 2011 but has turned their home into a virtual museum of […]

NBA star Russell Westbrook is officially off the market as he and his beautiful college sweetheart tied the knot this weekend, according to People magazine. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard married Nina Earl in Beverly Hills Saturday. The pair has been dating since they met at UCLA. Both were college basketball players for the university. […]

For decades now, young couples have been warned about “playing house” and “shacking up” before marriage. Who would buy the cow when they can have…

Celebrity couples look great in front of the cameras, wearing the latest designer clothes and traveling to exotic locations. Well, maybe that’s just Jay-Z and…

Some of you may have not heard about this day but with so many broken African american home this day is needed. I was fortunate to grow up with both parents but I can remember my friends faces  when we were outside playing ball and when my father would drive up I would leave the game and run to see […]

Via: blackmarriageday.com Today join more than 300 communities and neighborhoods across the country to celebrate marriage in the Black community.  Choose something that you and your spouse can and community can do.

Black marriage has been a topic much in the news lately, notes Stephanie Robinson.   Via: blackamericaweb.com   Over the years, I’ve talked about black relationships a lot. I keep coming back to it because relationships are the base of strength in our community. Marriage. Family.In fact, the reason why the impact of slavery is […]

Via Newsone.com: Last week, a YouTube video called “Black Marriage Negotiations” spread like a forest fire among the African-American middle class set. With posts on Facebook, Essence.com and many sites in between, the 3-minute-plus animated video, where a professional black woman dictates what she requires in a mate to a professional black man, has elicited […]