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Florida investigators say in an affidavit that George Zimmerman profiled, confronted, then fatally shot Trayvon Martin.

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After appearing before a judge to ask for bail, George Zimmerman will not be released today and will remain in jail until his formal arraignment which will be held for May 29th.

George Zimmerman Stays In Jail, Arraignment Set For May 29th

Updated April 12, 2012 – 9:00a.m. CST

CNN is reporting that Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara will be asking to post bail to release Zimmerman sometime today:

“My hope is that the judge will grant a bond, and that it’ll be a bond that the family can make,” attorney Mark O’Mara said Wednesday. “They are not a family of means.”

O’Mara also believes that the 2nd degree murder charge was higher than what he thought Zimmerman should have been charged with.

Trayvon Martin’s Mom Says She Thinks His Killing Was An ‘Accident’

George Zimmerman To Plead Not Guilty, Court Appearance Later Today

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Meet George Zimmerman’s new attorney, Mark O’Mara. He has been hired by Zimmerman and gives an update on the status of the case. He announced that he will be file a motion seeking bond for Zimmerman tomorrow (Thursday). He says that he’s not aware of more of what’s been in the media but that the prosecutor knows more about the case than he does:

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Trayvon Martin’s parents responded to George Zimmerman’s arrest:

“We wanted nothing more and nothing less … than an arrest… Thank you lord, thank you Jesus.” –Sybrina Fulton

“This is just the beginning, we have a long way to go and we have faith, the first time we marched I looked to the sky…I told myself I would walk by faith” –Tracy Martin

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Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, issued a statement following the announcement of charges against Zimmerman:

“Forty–five days after Trayvon Martin’s life came to a violent end, the wheels of justice have finally begun to turn. This is an important first step toward bringing justice for Trayvon and his family,” Jealous’ statement began.

Jealous said “Trayvon’s case moved the nation because it underscored the twin tragedies that affect so many of our young people: Trayvon was profiled because of his race—looked upon as a threat rather than the loving son he was.”

“And then, once he became a victim, he was neglected by the very police department tasked with protecting our communities and families,” Jealous said. “As a nation, we’ve got to address the issues of racial profiling and the valuation of black mens’ lives by law enforcement. In the months ahead the months ahead, the NAACP and our allies in the civil rights community will continue to take these issues on as well as the urgent need to repeal stand-your-ground laws.

“Tonight our thoughts and prayers are with Trayvon’s family. We are grateful for the courage and tenacity of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin that continue to help shape a national movement for justice for their son and for all of America’s children.”

Updated at 5:17 p.m. CST- (CNN)

Zimmerman is being held without opportunity for bail, but Zimmerman’s lawyers are entitled to request a bond, Corey said. Once they do so, a bond hearing will be held, she told reporters.

Updated at 5:16 p.m. CST-  (CNN)

While Corey said that Zimmerman surrendered and is in the custody of authorities in Florida, she declined to say exactly where, citing concerns for the safety of Zimmerman “and everyone else.”

Updated at 5:12 p.m. CST-  (CNN)

Corey said she wouldn’t discuss what led her to file the second-degree murder charge, other than her conclusion is based on her review of the evidence.

Florida state attorney Angela Corey said she spoke with Trayvon Martin’s parents before telling the media about the charge against Zimmerman.

Updated at 4:45pm CST –  (CNN)

CNN just reported George Zimmerman surrendered to authorities, is charged with 2nd degree murder and is currently in custody in Florida according to

Zimmerman also has a new attorney, Mark O’Mara. CNN also reports that he was out of the state for his safety.

Posted 3:48pm CST-  (CNN)

George Zimmerman’s attorneys may have no idea where the neighborhood watchman killer is, but special prosecutor, Angela Corey has made her decision in regards to the murder charge Zimmerman could be facing for fatally shooting 17-year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin. While we don’t know what charges he’ll face, Zimmerman will be charged.

ABC News is reporting that Corey’s decision will be announced tonight at 6 p.m. at a news conference in Jacksonville, FL. No matter what decision Corey makes, controversy is sure to follow. Under the Florida constitution, one can only be charged with first-degree murder when there is a grand jury involved.

If they charge him with manslaughter, it’s less culpable than murder and could get Zimmerman upwards to 15 years in prison.

This announcement comes one day after Zimmerman’s attorneys held a press conference saying that they are withdrawing representation due to no contact with Zimmerman.

Make sure you’re tuned tonight to watch the press conference. Check your local listings.