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Everybody knows marriage is difficult, particularly if you don’t put the time and effort into building a strong foundation. It gets easier with time, but during the process of growing into mature, selfless spouses, marriage requires a will to fight for the union. Marriage is not for the weak-minded or soft-hearted. Marriage is for warriors.

To be a warrior-wife you must be willing to go to war for your marriage. This doesn’t mean you are paranoid about something going wrong. What it means is that you take proactive steps to strengthen the marriage bond and protect your family from negative influences. So, if and when trouble comes, your marriage will withstand hard times.

Here are 10 ways I believe wives can be warriors for their marriages and families.

1.A prayer warrior: a wife who knows the power of prayer. She intercedes for her husband and children. She doesn’t wait for hard times to pray; she prays in good times and in bad times. When her husband needs prayer, he asks his wife because he knows she has a deep relationship with God. Her prayers soothe and comfort her family. They rebuke evil and cast out negativity. They declare goodness and favor in their lives. Not only does she pray, but she also believes what she prays.

2.A worship warrior: a wife who is not afraid to praise and worship God. She knows where her help comes from, and she expresses her gratefulness wherever and whenever the Spirit moves her. “Thank you, Lord,” is her praise song.

3. A word warrior: a wife who uses her words to speak life and wisdom to her husband and children. She knows how to encourage herself and her family in the Lord. Her words heal, comfort, and correct with love. On the other hand, she doesn’t hesitate to speak in defense of her family when others try to harm them. She knows her tongue is a mighty weapon, so she uses it wisely.

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