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Once married to R&B crooner R. Kelly, Andrea Kelly is finally in the limelight after working behind the scenes for him. R. Kelly and Andrea ended a 10 year mariage that many did not know about.  She was his dance choreographer for all of his videos and concerts, but had to keep it silent.  As you’ll hear for yourself, Andrea says,”closed mouth don’t get fed.”She was tired of playing 2nd field and wanted her talents seen. No longer silent and stronger than ever, the newest reality tv show to hit the VH1 block is “Hollywood Exes.” The TV show features the ex wives of not only R. Kelly, but ex wives of actor Eddie Murphy, rapper/actor Will Smith, legendary music singer Prince and MLB star Jose Canseco.  Find out why Andrea Kelly decided to take on the new challenge.  This interview is not about bashing R. Kelly, as she makes that perfectly clear. She simply wants her 15 minutes of fame just like anyone else.  We can’t knock her for that.

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