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Two people were killed Sunday and one person was injured when lightning struck a tree. The strike happened at a soccer game around noon. The three individuals took shelter from a thunderstorm under a tree.

As the group of individuals took shelter under some nearby tree, lightning struck one of the tree the three individuals were under and that lightning ripped a huge chunk of bark off of the tree.

The lightning reportedly hit the top of the tree. Sparks and fire then traveled down the tree and once hitting the ground disappeared. One person was killed instantly. Two others were rushed to the hospital; one of those victims was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Additional reports indicate that others took shelter under trees but then ran to more stable points of shelter. During the game, there were a reported 200 athletes.

The names of those who died and the name of the victim that was transported to the hospital after being struck by lightning were not released at the time of this report.

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