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On Monday, state officials confirmed that a toxic algae bloom known as red tide is responsible for thousands of fish that were found dead on Galveston Island the day before.

Biologists from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department found the algae known as “Karenia brevis”, one of several types of toxic algae that cause red tide, in concentrations so high that it killed thousands of fish. Several samples of the algae were taken at Surfside Beach and Galveston Island,

Biologists are continuing to gather information that will determine the extent of the red tide and its concentration.

Additional reports indicate that the red tide of low-to-moderate concentrations arrived last year in August and lasted until February; the algae, until now, however did not cause fish to die.

There were no beach water advisories issued for swimmers, and the Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees expects to have all beaches cleaned of dead fish by Wednesday, providing there are no further fish kills.


Authorities Investigate Thousands Of Dead Fish Upon Coast Of Galveston Beaches

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