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According to police a motorist suspected of driving drunk hit and killed a woman who was walking along the road on Houston’s south side in the early morning hours of Monday.

The driver, 29, was reportedly headed southbound on Scott Street toward the 610 Loop just before 1:00 am when officers say he veered off the road onto a median. That movement caused him to strike and kill a 52-year-old woman who was standing in the median.

Additional reports indicate that the motorist had already hit a stop sign and damaged his windshield before hitting and killing the woman.

The motorist also dragged the victim’s body for several feet before coming to a stop.

Authorities state that the driver smelled of and also failed a field sobriety test. Several eyewitness accounts state that they saw the driver a lot of beer containers out the window.

The driver is in custody, with intoxication manslaughter charges pending against him. His identity was not released at the time of this report, nor was the victim’s.

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