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The prosecution’s first witness Tiffany Dickerson wiped away tears as she recalled the gut wrenching discovery that her son and daughter were two of the victims.

Three-year-old son Shomari and younger daughter McKayla were rushed to the nearest hospital, west Houston medical center.

In a tragic twist of fate, that’s she works as a nurse’s assistant. She told the jury that when she realized her two children were in the emergency room, she collapsed to the floor.

Shomari died as a result of his injuries, McKayla survived and has recovered from serious burns to her legs.

Kenya Stratford mire’s voice trembled as she remembered getting a call from a friend who saw the news on TV. She said she watched as doctors frantically performed cpr on her 20-month-old daughter Kendall with no success. She told the jury, “I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. It was heartbreaking.”

Keisha Brown’s 16-month-old son Elias Castillo was rushed to Texas children’s, brown thought her son would survive, but he would succumb to his injuries the next day. She broke down sobbing as prosecutor Steve Baldassano showed her hospital photos of her little boy.

Betty Ukara, a friend of Tata’s, trusted her to keep her daughter Elizabeth safe.

She remembered getting a phone call from Tata the day of the fire, saying, “Miss Betty, you must get here quickly, the babies are dying all the babies are dying.” She was the only one to get a hold of Tata in Nigeria where she had fled.

Ukara says Tata apologized and she told her to return to Houston to face the consequences.

The trial resumed today.

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