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Going on a big  job interview?  Make sure you do your research on the company so you can land the job.  Here are some tips per

What Does The Company Do?

It sounds silly, but I’ve conducted a few interviews in my day and I have friends who have interviewed people. You’d be surprised how many people, when you get to the part of the interview where you ask if they have any questions, will respond with, “So what do you guys really specialize in?”

  • This is information that’s readily available on this little thing called the Internets. You may know the industry that the company is in – food, finance, entertainment – but it’s important to know the details about the business you’re trying to work for. Give the “About Us” page a thorough once over before you show up.

How Does the Company Make Money?

Tied closely to the previous point, knowing the particulars about a business will tell you how the company makes money. What are the services or products that they’re offering their target market? What exactly are the features and benefits of those products and services? Be prepared to talk about how you can contribute to those money-making efforts.

What Sets the Company Apart From Its Competition

Every company thinks that they’re reinventing the wheel. Or, at the very least, they’re offering something that wasn’t previously available in the marketplace. Know what the company’s “value proposition” is before you step foot in their office. Think to yourself, “If you had to sell this company to your friends or family, what would you say?” Armed with those talking points, you can also discuss the company – and your prospective work – knowledgeably with the interviewer.  (

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