Being married makes men fat, according to new findings. EurekAlert reports, Researchers from the University of Bath found married men have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than their non-married counterparts, adding approximately three pounds to the scales. And if a man gets divorced, his BMI dips back down just before and after the divorce. […]

St Jude

The People’s Station, Majic 102.1 enjoys teaming up with our listeners and communities every year to show love and support to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer is always a joyous and tremendously beneficial event to be involved in.  Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the […]

Donald Drumpf is making America hate again.  Breaking news from Buzzfeed, The US Department of Agriculture has banned scientists and other employees in its main research division from publicly sharing everything from the summaries of scientific papers to USDA-branded tweets as it starts to adjust to life under the Trump administration, BuzzFeed News has learned. […]

Although I suffered from Asthma as a child I was fortunate to grow out of the condition.  That’s how they said it back then.  But many deal with Asthma all of their lives and it wasn’t until I was older and had a musician friend die from an Asthma attack that I finally realize how […]


The latest Pew Reasearch Center study finds the Median Net Worth of White households is 13 times greater than Blacks and 10 times greater than Hispanics.  That’s right, not TWICE or THREE times greater but THIRTEEN and TEN times greater.  Check out the study for yourself.  Click here for the Pew Reasearch Center Study.

Their motto is: Finding Cures, Saving Children – Take a moment to learn more about our friends at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It Matters. And then call us this Thursday for our RADIOTHON and give your support. Click here to READ MORE.

According to numerous reports, President Obama announced on Monday (December 2nd) — one day after World AIDS Day — that the administration is shifting $100 million into research efforts aimed at curing HIV infection. The president said the new National Institutes of Health initiative would be aimed at developing new therapies, declaring, “If we stay focused […]

Going on a big  job interview?  Make sure you do your research on the company so you can land the job.  Here are some tips per What Does The Company Do? It sounds silly, but I’ve conducted a few interviews in my day and I have friends who have interviewed people. You’d be surprised how […]

A new survey from shows that single women use Facebook to research a partner before ever meeting them. surveyed over five-thousand people about their dating habits, and found that 48-percent of women say they research a partner on Facebook before a first date, and 27-percent of single men and 26-percent of single women […]

  Would you believe the two political conventions we just saw will have little to do with the outcome of the November 6 election?  That’s what “Campaign Scientists” say. has the complete story.  Read More:

Houston was the focus on positive news Tuesday: 78 percent of people believe the city is a good or excellent place to live. This data…

Via: The Centers for Disease Control’s latest statistic that 1 in 88 kids in the US has autism is twice the number of autistic kids that was reported just five years ago.