Rumor has it that Robin Thicke has left BET‘s Real Husbands of Hollywood.  According to Mediatakeout, someone on set said that Kevin Hart and Robin got into an argument on set and Robin left.

The source said that Kevin was going off on Robin and would not stop.  The source explained, “When they stopped filming, Kevin kept going in. When they were on break, Kevin kept going in. At some point Robin was like ‘f*ck it'”

Robin allegedly “attempted to put hands on Kevin and had to be restrained.” He then walked off set.  Other reports say that Robin has fired or has left the show because it was too silly, while All Hip Hop Rumors says that Robin left the show because it was a “bad career look” for him.  Who knows?

Check out Robin Thicke’s new video “Blurred Lines” below.


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