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The Sport Bar/ Club /Billiard / whatever you want to call it is one of the longest running spots in H-Town. I say this because my sister who graduated in 1980 from Ross Shaw Sterling use to go to this place religiously. Then my sister who graduated in 1982 from the same school went there also, then came me C/O 87 and of course a mighty Sterling Raider it was my favorite Friday night spot. if you never been there you would think its a luxurious place with shinning floors and bright chandeliers it’s not even close to that.What made this a great spot for me is that I was able to see my old high school peeps and back in the day I saw my first star sighting there, hip hop stars Salt & Pepper. I can say this they are doing something right over there and It  may not be your cup of tea but when you think back on all the other clubs from The Main Event, The Rock, The Rhinestone Wrangler ect  the one thing you have to  admit Carringtons AKA K-rows is still there.

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