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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

 President Obama fired the acting commissioner of the IRS yesterday in the midst of a scandal that saw the IRS targeting conservative groups.  And Republicans like John Boehner are barking loud and talking like they forced the President to do this.  What?  Forced him to do this?  I don’t care if you’re President of the United States, cussing out somebody who works for the IRS is fun.

Burger King is introducing their own barbeque pork sandwich to compete with McDonald’s McRib.  Are they crazy?  You can’t compete with that juicy, McSucculent, sweet and saucy McRib.  The McRib is so good that if Charles Ramsey had been eating one he never would’ve left to save those girls.

According to reports Nicki Minaj is leaving American Idol.  That means that between Nicki, Jennifer Lopez and Simon Cowell American Idol has now lost three big asses.

The authorities in China confiscated over 4 million counterfeit condoms.  And fellas, the three signs that you’re using a counterfeit condom are if it has a twisty tie on the end of it, if Evander Holyfield’s picture is on the box, or if you’re a white guy and that Magnum is snug.

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