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Here are some gifts that you should try to avoid getting dad this year for Father’s Day.

1) Hair loss rememdies. Maybe he needs it or even sort of wants someone to buy it for him. Still, save it for an everyday present and give Dad something else on Father’s Day instead.

2) Back shaver. Keep the grooming gifts to things that feel more luxe and pampering than hygenic and personal, like a badger shaving brush James Bond would love.

3) Cologne. Dad’s going to want to pick out the scent himself – it’s a personal thing.

4) Aprons. If Dad spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it might seem like a good idea. But he’ll probably be more excited by a gadget like a single-cup coffee maker or a juicer or an electric BBQ fork.

5) Fancy desk accessories. It’s an understandable thought when Dad is the definition of The Man Who Has Everything. But he’d probably want something more fun to play with in his office, then, like a toy drone helicopter or a desktop record player.

6) “#1 Dad” anything. Best Dad” or “#1 Dad” motifs are cheesy, but you can still let him know he’s the best Dad ever by giving him other stuff like cool beer steins.

7) Ties. If dad loves ties and you find one that he cannot live without, then go for it! But for the most part this gift is too cliché. Pick an accessory that he’ll get the most use of this summer, like a classic pair of sunglasses.  (Yahoo)

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