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According to the latest polls President Obama’s approval rating has plummeted 8% over the last month.  And you expect the same thing to happen to Tom Joyner’s approval rating down in Miami if they lose this game tonight.

 Allen Iverson’s ex-wife claims that he abducted her two children and she wants them to return them now.  Hmm, A.I.’s got a gambling problem.  Right now those children may be the property of Caesar’s Palace.

The FBI may have found Jimmy Hoffa.  Based on a tip from a former mobster authorities began digging for the body of the legendary Teamster boss in an abandoned field right outside of Detroit.  Upon hearing this news Kwame Kilpatrick yelled out, oh, no, no, please don’t dig up that field.

 Chad Johnson is out of jail.  The former football star was released after he apologized to the judge for slapping his attorney on the ass.  Chad Johnson’s life has become a bad coin toss.  After what he did to Evelyn and then what he did to his lawyer it’s like heads he loses, tails he loses.

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