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Congratulations to all the winners at last night’s BET awards.  The most gangsta award goes to Charlie Wilson after hearing his name called, he stood up and kissed his white wife, kissed another white woman, kissed a white man and then went to accept his black award.

In NBA news the Boston Celtics  and the Brooklyn Nets worked out a  blockbuster deal. The Celtics get Kris Humpries, aka the big stupid.  And the Nets get Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry why would the Nets want three old ballers.  This aint a dream team, it’s an arthritis cream team

Rapper Rick Ross has been hit with a lawsuit for 90 grand. Ricky Rozay bought three Rolex watches last still haven’t paid the bill for them.  Is that jewelry store crazy?  Selling a Rapper on credit:

♫ I thinkI’m real cheap, Manny Moocher.  Three rollies  Halleluiah  Keep waiting, go ahead and sue, living past my means that’s what rappers do.♫

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