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Cris Carter is a All-Pro wide receiver who spent most of his career catching touchdown passes for the Minnesota Vikings. Aside from his recent induction into the NFL Hall of Fame and his moving speech, he’s also written a book, “Going Deep: How Wide Recievers Became the Most Compelling Figures In Pro Sports,” about the new dominance of wide receivers in football Carter can be found on several NFL shows – ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” “Monday NFL Countdown,” “NFL Live” and “SportsCenter.” He spoke to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Riley Cooper, the Philadelphia Eagles player in hot water over his use of the “n” word, his book and what it takes to be a receiver in today’s NFL.

TJMS: What is up with wide receivers these days? What’s up with Riley Cooper?

Cris Carter: Wide receivers we typically keep the action rolling. As far as Riley Cooper is concerned, that’s a very very tough situation. I know the Eagles are trying to rally around him and they might well do that but I don’t think the other players, the ones I’ve talked to in the NFL, are going to rally around him. This is one thing I’d like to tell him do you know how many of my people died and this was the last thing they heard? If he knew that, I think his perspective would be different.

TJMS: So what is the mindset of a wide receiver? You’ve got T.O, Chad Johnson…

Cris Carter: “The Eagles Might Rally Around Riley Cooper, But I Don’t Know About The Rest of the NFL”  was originally published on

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