Erykah Badu is known and praised for her authenticity, but the songstress recently took to Twitter to show us all just how comfortable she really is in her own skin.

This is the time of year that things could be good or bad for NFL free agents. In the case of Michael Vick, things are good! The New York Jets have released Mark Sanchez and signed Michael Vick to a 1 year deal worth $5 million, giving him another chase to prove himself, since no […]

Cris Carter is a All-Pro wide receiver who spent most of his career catching touchdown passes for the Minnesota Vikings. Aside from his recent induction…

Roland Martin talks with journalist Roy Johnson about Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper using the n-word during an angry rant at a country concert.

Michael Vick has gone through nearly $30 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008- nearly 95% of his total income, TMZ has learned. Vick made $31 million since he went belly up that includes his Eagles salary and various endorsements and other business ventures. Read more

For the second week in a row, Michael Vick has suffered a substantial injury, forcing the Eagles to turn to backup quarterback Mike Kafka. Sunday against the Giants, Vick broke his right (non-throwing) hand — he left the game for X-rays in the second half, briefly returned, then was pulled from the lineup for good […]

Philadelphia Eagles player Mike Patterson collapsed from a seizure on the practice field Wednesday, the Philadelphia Eagles said. “Patterson  was taken to Lehigh Valley  Hospital where he is being  tested to see why he experienced the seizure. Patterson has had no complications  from the seizure,” the football team said on its website. It is unknown […]

Plaxico Burress, the best wide receiver the New York Giants had in over a decade and the last person to touch the football for the Giants in their classic Super Bowl win over the previously undefeated New England Patriots in 2008, is being released from prison on Monday (June 6th). Burress has been in jail since […]

*Michael Vick sparked a rally against Green Bay, dismantled Detroit and picked apart Jacksonville. What does he have left to prove? Maybe nothing – until some guy named Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia next week.

The Cowboys earned their first postseason victory in 13 years after dismantling the Eagles for the third time this season.