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Judge Joe Brown is no longer hosting his daytime judge show and it looks like now that he’s free he has a little time to enjoy some fine spirits. Unfortunately he was caught by a group of young fans armed with a camera and a YouTube agenda this particular evening.


He explained to his young fans the he “doesn’t do that Bull Sh** show anymore” and at one point while taking pictures with a few young ladies the youngsters ask Judge Joe Brown if he was a “Playa,” he then whips out a picture of 50 year old wife (who looks 30) and say’s, “yeah Im a playa!” Then takes a pic with the two young ladies saying “get close and make an old man feel like a good muther ******!”

The Judge Joe Brown show had a 17 year run and ended after renegotiating the contract with CBS.

Even a wise man is entitled to a few mistakes. Love ya Joe Brown.