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Jones says “Crossfire” will talk Syria tonight ahead of President Obama’s speech and the possibility of military intervention in the troubled region. Jones says he hopes that a peaceful outcome can be reached.

“Last night John Kerry accidentally said ‘Well if the Syrians would give up their chemical weapons, we wouldn’t jump on ‘em.’ It was a throwaway line off the top of his head. It wasn’t even a part of his speech. The Syrians and the Russians said ‘OK, we’ll do it.’ It could be that the President putting all those warships outside of Syria may actually lead us to a peaceful outcome. Hopefully the president will lay out a vision and strategy that will get us out of this without war.”

To go to war, the President needs Congressional approval, which Jones hopes never gets put to a vote.

“Delay the vote forever. You can’t vote against the President on this, it would destroy his Presidency. We opposed George Bush for going to the United Nations with phony evidence but we didn’t go the U.N. with this yet at all with Obama. We said Bush was wrong for pulling together a flimsy, phony coalition of the willing, but we don’t have any coalition pulled together yet on this one. We said George W. Bush was wrong for having a plan to win the war, but not the peace, but right now, with Obama, we don’t have a plan for the war or the peace.

It doesn’t have to be you’re with Obama or against Obama, but delay the vote and let this thing play itself out a few more months. The way it’s going it’s going to work in Obama’s favor. You don’t have to have the vote, you don’t have to have the military strike, the Syrians and Russians are coming to the table. It can all work out well without a war. “

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