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The Basketball Wives Reunion has been cancelled because of Evelyn?  According to Hip Hollywood,

The reunion special has been cancelled specifically because of issues between Evelyn and cast mates Tami Roman and Tasha Marbury. A source said that Tasha is still upset about Evelyn writing about her husband Stephon Marbury’s affair in her book and she doesn’t think Evelyn “is not as loyal of a friend” as she claims to be.

The source added that since wrapping the show, Evelyn isn’t speaking to either of the ladies and is scared that they may expose secrets about her relationship with ex-husband Chad Johnson and new relationship with L.A. Dodger Carl Crawford during the reunion.

Evelyn was so adamant about not showing up to the reunion and told production that they could “sue her” if necessary.

The word on the web is that Evelyn pulled out because she was afraid that Tami and Tasha would air out her part in the whole Chad “head butt” situation.