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This story is so tragic.  According to multiple reports,

Aid in desperately needed in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall, hit the country on Friday (November 8th) with sustained winds of 147 miles per hour that gusted to 170 mph and a 20-foot storm surge. Although the death toll is now just at 250, it’s likely thousands died, and officials were saying it could rise as high as 10,000 people killed. At least 2 million people in the country have been affected, with at least 23,000 houses had damaged or destroyed and some coastal areas totally devastated. The U.S. military has already sent water, generators and a contingent of Marines, and a major international relief effort is expected.

Aid is needed as well.  If you would like to help click here.

Volunteers Gather to Help Package Peanut Butter for People in Need
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