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Hey Guys! Sky Houston Here.

Ok, I’ll be honest: I’m probably one of the few women who has always been a tomboy and hated carrying purses, all my life. But I, like any other woman, love fashion and although I don’t like being confined to a particular purse or label just because it’s what everyone has, I have always wanted to know how to determine the true authenticity of a bag.

Let’s keep it real real…you’ve seen every chick who claims she’s the hottest

chick in the game with a Louis Vuitton or other fashion bag. Maybe you have one or wanted one yourself (if you’re into spending that type of money, I prefer to receive gifts :)

Well here’s a tool to help you figure out if it’s the real thing! First thing is to check the material and hardware- make sure it has an authentic LV

sign not a BV(or other bogus signature).

Tip number two: LV uses a natural leather which develops over time. If your leather strap is as light as it was the day you purchaed it, 2 years

later, you could possibly have a fugazi (a fake)! Check out the video below for a demonstration.