Mo’Nique isn’t finished taking aim at Oprah Winfrey. On social media, the Oscar Award winning actress and comedian compared the media mogul to fake jewelry. For the past few months, Mo’Nique has launched a Boycott Netflix campaign, which also includes her unfiltered thoughts about Oprah, Lee Daniels and Will Packer. This week, Mo’Nique caught wind of a Global Grind interview, where Oprah commented on the […]

  Wendy Williams has slammed for comments he made about women wearing fake hair and getting plastic surgery. Wendy said on her show, “Tyrese, we’ve known each other for a long time, but can I be honest with you? You know I always am. You haven’t been the same since you wrote that book lecturing women […]


According to Yahoo!, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post Friday (November 18th) that the social media giant is taking new steps to combat fake news stories on the site, which some critics have suggested could have helped Donald Trump win the election. The measures include developing new tools to detect and classify misinformation, […]

According to Pulse of Radio, Aretha Franklin has announced that she is suing satire website The News Nerd for $10 million for defamation for starting the rumor that she and Patti Labelle got into a physical altercation at the Women of Soul concert at the white house last month. Aretha said in a statement, “The […]

Hey Guys! Sky Houston Here. Ok, I’ll be honest: I’m probably one of the few women who has always been a tomboy and hated carrying purses, all my life. But I, like any other woman, love fashion and although I don’t like being confined to a particular purse or label just because it’s what everyone has, I have […]

  Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader The DVD Bootleg Man? Is this Your Neighborhood BOOTLEG Man? Well if it is, you won’t be getting any NEW DVD’s anytime soon.  According to law enforcement records, local police “accidentally” stumbled upon 700 fake DVD’s at his home, after he VOLUNTARILY gave them permission to check! […]

How does the number of views a video gets influence your clicks.  That number may not be true.  YouTube is cracking down on all those fake views by major artist. Click here to READ MORE.

  source KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -By DeAnn Smith, Digital Content ManagerMoviegoers attending Dark Knight Rises or other showings this weekend cannot carry fake weapons or wear face-covering masks, AMC Theatres announced Friday afternoon. The second-largest movie chain in the country said no one will be allowed to wear a costume that makes “other guests feel […]


Whatever you do, don’t go for the Nicki Minaj booty transformation because you might end up like several victims who allege that a fake plastic surgeon injected them with a toxic concoction.

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced last Wednesday that it would use its emergency powers to ban synthetic marijuana for one year.

*Lisa Wu-Hartwell recently spoke with about her time with “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” her book and domestic violence. She said the first season of the show was a hit because it was real, raw, and untainted. But as the show became more popular, producers began to create drama and turned the ladies into characters. […]