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From the Huffington Post, here are 14 things you should stop stressing about in 2014.  The article starts by saying,

With 2014 newly upon us, many of us are vowing to make the changes we usually hope to make as one calendar year ends and another begins. These resolutions might involve reconnecting with old friends or losing weight, but if the latest national surveys are any indication, others may focus on banishing those things that stress us out — and that may be the best resolution of all. In 2013 it was reported that working women were more stressed than evermillennials were named the most-stressed generation and employees in demanding positions are continually at risk for burnout.

But despite everything that has given us anxiety, nearly 50 percent of Americans are optimistic that 2014 is going to be more fortuitous than the last. So as we say goodbye to the last year, it’s also time to say goodbye to unnecessary stressors that may be dragging us down. Below find 14 things you should stop worrying about in the new year (because stressing over them is so 2013).

Click here for the 14 things to stop stressing about.

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