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After a long day at the office and even longer commute home, the last thing on my mind was sex, though I knew my man was expecting it. Since we flirted all day through sext messages with emojis, I couldn’t disappoint him with my “career woman” woes that have become more frequent with my salary increase. Sex with him is always great so I planned to take a 10 minute rest while I showered. By the time I reached my doorstep, I was on 5% battery life and him still reveling in the nasty things we said we’d do to each other circa lunchtime. He greeted me with a kiss and I smelled the liquor on his breath which means he was gearing up for a wild love-making session. Suddenly I was feeling up for it.

After relaxing in the shower (and putting a bow on it) I puffed on a brown cigarette and laid back because when he gets in that mood, his main objective is to please me. That he did. Kissing, licking and touching until it escalated. I heard the familiar click of my vibrator, then I felt it. He never fails to amaze me. We’ve been together for a while and are always enhancing our sex life but I never thought he’d be comfortable enough to introduce sex toys into our bedroom. Simultaneously maneuvering the toy while focusing on the bundle of nerves in the center of thighs, I climaxed over and over again. 

As many as 80 percent of women have difficulty reaching an orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sex toys add adventure and do what no man’s tongue could ever. Vibrators, dildos beads in places you’d be ashamed to repeat, oh my!

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Using sex toys during the act can be very intimidating for you and your partner, especially if it he less than confident in his bedroom skills but if you and him are up for a wild “f*ck it*  kind of night… Here’s some tips:

Don’t Be afraid

What could possibly go wrong? Except for that one time my vibrator got stuck in my canal…but that leads me to my next point.

Sex Toy Education

Choosing a sex toy is parallel to the experience you seek to have. For instance, if you do not like anal stimulation, don’t buy anal beads. However, if that’s your thing there are plenty of plugs to fulfill your desires. Google is your best friend in this case. It’s private. Don’t cheat yourself, because after all you know what pleases you and what dries you up faster than your child knocking on your door when your about to get down. Do a search for toys and read reviews. While

Reassure Him That He Is Not Being Replaced

Men don’t want to seem incapable and pride themselves in being the only thing we’ll ever need. (God’s gift to women theory. Eh) It is true that a vibrator can move faster than a human tongue, that a dildo may reach heights that your man’s equipment could never tickle, but the truth is…women value intimacy and no sex toy comes with arms to hold you. The act of making love is that warmth you feel when your man is on top of you and one another enjoying a private act. Let your man know he isn’t being replaced because he is irreplaceable in the act.

Be Confident

As I mature, my sexual confidence rises. I’m doing things I used to only fantasize about. No woman has the perfect body and to be frank no woman spreads her legs and a rainbow falls out. Sex is what you make it. There’s no tricks, good sex comes with experience and the only way to get experience is to do it. Do it again, the do it some more!

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