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The Houston Texans didn’t make it to this year’s big game, but our city still has 2 awesome reasons to root for the teams that WILL be competing this Sunday. Russell Okung graduated with my oldest son in 2006 from Bush High School and he’s now the left offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks! So when you’re watching with your beer and wings this weekend and you see #76 doing his thing…make some noise for him!

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants

Let’s say the Seahawks aren’t who you were necessarily flying for…so to speak. That’s alright, cause the Denver Broncos have someone putting on for our city as well. Willowridge High School’s Manny Ramirez is #66; one of the offensive lineman for the Broncos.

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos

Either way it goes, I’m proud of both of them! Houston’s home of some of the most talented people. But let’s have a little fun with this: forget about the ‘hawks and the broncos. Which Fort Bend alumnus are YOU rooting for? Bush High School’s Russell Okung or Willowridge’s Manny Ramirez? LOL

I’m cheering for Bush High! B-B-Bush High!

Check out MyFoxHouston‘s story on the two players:

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