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Grab a good book and enjoy the colder days of March from the comfort of your own couch.  From ABC News,

Gas prices are notoriously bad in March, and experts say the hike in price is due to the fact that refineries typically undergo seasonal maintenance this  time of year as they transition to a cleaner burning formula for the warmer months. The AAA says this will up gas prices by about ten cents, but some areas could see as low as a five cent hike or as high as a 20 cent hike. One expert says, “While the pump jump is more predictable than picking the final four teams in any college bracket, that also plays true to the end of the madness, which should take place in late April or early May as refinery maintenance ebbs.” Currently the national average price or a gallon of regular gas is $3.48, up four cents from a week ago, but down 28 cents from a year ago. (ABC News)

I’ve notice that gas price are higher this month verses last month.  SMH