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Where is that missing plane?

That is the million dollar question. It has been two weeks since Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared, and now there are signs that they may have found pieces of it off the Australian coast. How in this day and age with all the technology- satellites, cameras, radar, cellphones- can something as big as a 777 airplane just go missing for 13 days?

It simply defies logic.

The story understandably has gripped the world. I’ve been reporting on it on CNN since it first went missing. People stop me on the street asking about that plane. Whenever I’m on the air reporting the story, my twitter feed trends worldwide; meaning it’s one of the top things people are tweeting about in the world. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I ask psychologists about it they say it’s because, number one, it’s a mystery. Even in our sleeping hours our brains are constantly trying to solve problems and are not satisfied until it does. This problem has not been solved.

And number two, it’s relatable.

Most of us fly, if not frequently for business, we do it a few times a year for holidays or vacations. So, we put ourselves in the shoes of the passengers. My colleague Sally Kohn wrote this on “Stories about death inherently hold our attention. The more dark among us — and HBO producers — might attribute this to a lust for the gruesome. Freud would simply call it our “death drive” — that mix of fear and fascination that our lives must ultimately end.”

I agree with her. It’s more often than not the dark shows like The Walking Dead –zombies- or True Blood- vampires- or Dexter-serial killers-that garner the biggest ratings and cult followings. And let’s not forget The X Files, The Twilight Zone and so on. That’s all well and good. Not to bring you down, we must remember that there are at least 239 families who are grieving. There are mothers who are in anguish. One of them stepped in front of cameras earlier this week and cried and pleaded with the Malaysian government to tell her what happened to her son. We must hold that top of mind when we’re trying to figure out this conundrum.

One man’s mystery is another man or woman’s misery.

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