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Dylan(HOUSTON) — Hundreds of Houston firefighters are in for a treat.  They’re about to get a heartfelt thank you from an 8-year-old named Dylan.

The reason for the gesture is simple.  Dylan says the firefighters saved Houston.

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His mom, Lisa Carnley owns the Cajun Stop Restaurant near downtown.  After last week’s five-alarm fire in the Montrose area, she and her son came up with a plan.

Working together with friends, schoolmates and customers, they put together goody bags filled with candy, cookies, flowers, hand-drawn pictures and other fun things.  They plan to deliver the bags to hundreds of firefighters at all 93 stations on Wednesday. That is when the men and women who were on duty at the time of the big fire will be back at work.

News 92 FM asked Dylan if perhaps he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, but his answer was no.  He is planning to follow in his mom’s footsteps and be a chef.  His specialty right now, at 8 years old, is Alfredo pasta with chicken and mushrooms.

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