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Even if you live alone or have a small family buying in bulk can be a major moolah saver  – especially when promos are running. Foods like pasta, rice and oats are easy to stockpile, so if they’re on sale, buy as much as you can afford and store to last you until the next sale. And while we are on this note of “more is better,” when you do cook, cook in large amounts. Eat what you can and then freeze and store the rest for later. Leftovers make great lunches or can be eaten for dinner again on busy weeknights. 

It’s Ok To Be Fake

If you are amazed by named brands girl then I encourage you to be a bit more fake from time to time. By buying generic and store brands instead of big-name brands you will instantly save money. In fact sometimes the fake stuff tastes better – this is certainly the case for my staple snack of microwave popcorn. 

Cut Coupons Like Crazy

If you have watched television or opened a magazine in the last year then you already know that the coupon craze is everything right now when it comes to saving your coins. I’m always amazed when I watch a segment on my favorite talk show and a stay at home mom boasts “I just bought $200 worth of groceries for 49 cents!?” Think you don’t have time to cut coupons? Well according to the Red Plum Purse String Study (2012), you can save up to $30 each week by using coupons. Hello!? That is $1,600 per year. 

Be A Preserving Princess

Another factor that can really help cut down your food bill is adopting the ability to preserve foods for later use. I mean canning actually used to be a huge part of the at home cooking process. So I say you get yourself a set of Ball mason jars and bring back this healthy trend by making your own tomato sauces, jams, condiments, pickles and so much more. Money saving fun coming right up!

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!

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